Synthetic oil and Marvel Mystery oil?

After coming up with nothing on the Marvel plus synthetic - I am asking.
I know the synthetic oil is the nominal consensus for a turbo car.
And I know most on this forum don't feel the need for oil additives except a large minority that like Marvel Mystery Oil. I like and have used Marvel for decades with regular oils.
Now - would there be any reason to use Marvel with a syntheric oil?
Would it hurt - help or just be a waste of money in the crank case?
(I use it now and then in the tank on all cars)
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It wouldn't be worth it. The synthetic oils do what marvels would normally help regular oil do, clean the gunk.
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I cannot believe half the crap people put in their oil. Ive had a dozen cars ive put well over 200K on without adding any kind of super duper addiditve to it and have never had problems with engines.
Its your money to waste though, go for it....

I put marvels in older used cars because I have no idea if the previous owner maintained it properly. It's a safety net to try and get rid of anything could cause problems later.
77 280Z - TEC3 Engine Management, Coil Packs, 3.1 Stroker, 550CC injectors, tripple throttle body FI intake, MSA Stage II Cam, etc...etc...
79 Fairlady - Rusty
81 280ZX - DD

The real mystery is why anybody would pay to use oil that has solvent mixed with it and expect it to do anything good.
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Nah you don't need it. Just run a can of Sea Foam through the gas, intake, and oil (1/3 in each system, not a whole can in each) and be done with it. The Sea Foam will help break down and clean off any sludge buildup that's on the crank, pistons, rods, etc and clean your engine out really nicely. Then just run your oil straight. You really don't even need synthetic. At the cost of 3-4 times the price of a can of conventional oil, that's too much. Think about it, all these Zs from the 70s that have 200k or more on them got there on conventional oils, 10 w30 more than likely. Just because brands like Mobil 1 and others are getting so popular these days, that's no reason to shell out the extra bucks, unless you make like $20 an hour at work and have money to burn :)
I know a lot of turbo guys in the DSM community don't use synthetics either, because they've had lots of problem with the uber thin synthetic slipping past seals and bearings in their turbos and causing them to burn out or leak. That doesn't mean MHI turbos are shitty, they're great turbos...but, lots of people have traced their problems back to the water like oil.

I might use synth in my 85t if I was worried about oil coking but I'm not so I don't.
As far as Marvel, I have a couple buddies who are just really top-notch mechanics and they both believe in the stuff up to a point and in certain situations.
Doesn't seem like there would be a point in using it with synth oil but then it's mysterious stuff ;)

Subaru's love the stuff. It will fix the valvetrain tapping everytime. Did you know that the largest component of that stuff is a product of animal fat?
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