How does the exhaust system affect car performance?

How does the exhaust system of a car affect the overall performance?
Does installing a header and aftermarket muffler have any effects on the speed and performance of the car?

from a 5zigen site:
"5Zigen exhaust systems are also well-known for producing a deep and distinctive note, enhancing drivers' racing spirit."

in other words? wala tlgang benefit sa performance ng kotse ang pag-upgrade ng exhaust system?

AFAIK, you might get a very minimal (re: not noticeable) gain if you upgrade your exhaust system to a more free flowing one.
Maybe if you will get a mandrel bent exhaust system instead of the usual crush bent and a correct size piping and free-flow muffler then you will get some "gains".
Experts what you think?

actually meron but different cars would have different results from the same type of exhaust mods done.
stuff that affects performance gains in the exhaust system:
-number of joints for the header (less is better, less turbulence)
-type of headers depends on car engine & purpose for mods (daily driver or drag/race car?)
-quality of the welds (must be as smooth internally as possible)
-number of turns and curves (less is better)
-size of pipings (too large or too small)
-minimize choke points like catalytic converter, silencers, flex joints to the required minimum. If not, use hi-flow version of such like hi-flow catalytic converters, etc
-change of size of piping (exhaust gas velocity must be maintained)
-big mufflers doesn't mean its better.
-use FULL stainless mufflers. These last for years. An "aluminized" muffler will only last less than two years at most, usually about a year only before rusting out.

what would give more noticeable performance gain?
a set of Splitfire sparkplugs or headers?

what would give more noticeable performance gain?
a set of Splitfire sparkplugs or headers? the headers. But very,very minimal lang.
If you are really interested in gaining power, either you go turbo or palitan mo makina ng kotse mo ng mga high-horsepower engines na pwede isalpak dyan sa kotse mo.

Good headers (even local, crush-bent ones) will give you some increase in power/response, it'll work OK if coupled with a good intake as well.
The power increase from a full aftermarket I/H/E set-up will depend on how restrictive the stock system of the car is... To give an example, a '93 Sentra GA16DE (stock crank HP: 110) engine may put out less then 90hp at the wheels when dyno tested but with the basic I/H/E bolt-on mods, it can reach around 100hp at the wheels. Also, cars with forced induction (i.e. turbo) can also be more responsive to such mods.
I'll take the headers any day over Splitfire plugs... IMO, stick to you stuck plugs and just gap them properly. :)

You would probably feel the dif at higher revs. But you will hear it earlier.

EXHAUST PERFORMANCE ??? Oo naman , if proper exhaust of the car is installed , a big amount of power can be attain . pero ibat ibang gains depends on the condition of the car at ang right piping combo . The exhaust and collector plays a big part sa performance ng auto , without the other ay minimal ang mga gains at mandrel bent pipes plays a big part too .
A Honda Civic with B16A can easily make 18 horses with a 2.5 inch piping and a 4 to 1 collector / header . :D

Kasi my old car, a '82 mitsubishi colt, had headers installed and God who knows what... puro gauges kasi, eh. Oil pressure, oil temp, etc...
Anyway, highschool pa ako nun. It was really fast considering it only had a 1400cc engine.
That's why I'm asking kung ano tlga benefit nung headers, kasi baka yun yung reason kaya mabilis yung Colt ko dati. If it is, ipa-pa-headers ko narin yung car ko ngayon. Although, talagang mas mabagal ang engine ngayon... kasi City lang.

psst.. sir, wag mo ilang ang City.. lalaban din yan.. ehehe.... :D
pero be realistic naman.. baka naman kasi tinatapat mo sa mga SiR, Galants, or 200SX.. talagang walang laban yan.. 1.3L cars.. pwede pa....

yung luma kong Colt kaya tumapat sa VTEC... 1.4 lang makina nun, ha... sayang nga lang... kumatok yung engine. I had to replace the engine, but after that, la na... it couldn't go as fast as the original engine. Kaya ayun, binenta ko sa halagang cellphone lang... hehe

galing naman ng Colt mo kayang tapatan ang VTEC... depende rin kasi yan sa driver ng VTEC..IMO lang baka kasi mabagal magpatakbo yung may ari ng VTEC or me problema yung makina ng VTEC na tinapatan mo.. peace.. :)
OT: Yung Colt45 alam ko malakas ang tama he.he.he.

magkano bah yung murang muffler? ... usually msan nag-rarange and prices nito? ...

di ko nga rin alam kung bakit mabilis yung colt ko, eh. pero i feel na mas maraming mods pa yun sa alam ko. kasi la naman ako alam sa engines, eh. pero yung 1st owner nun malamang pinang-karera nya yung colt... kasi puno ng gauges yung dashboard, eh.
sarap nga i-hataw... sayang... bumigay yung engine dahil napasukan ng tubig.
about the civic na natapatan ko... once lang yun. sinubukan ko lang. isa lang masasabi ko, magaling mang-gitgit yung driver nung civic... nagit-git nya ako to the point i had to stop kasi yung nasa harap ko tricycle na mabagal. after that, di na ako naka-habol.
haaayyyy... kaka-miss yung engine nung Colt ko...

most of the people i have encountered have griped about the lack of power of the civics... mostly because its power is in the high rpms unlike the toyotas ang mitsu... hence you have to redline the car.... if not.. parang mabagal yan.... baka lang nde sanay yung driver ihataw yun.

pero galing nya mang-gitgit, ha... that was a few years back pa... nung unang labas nung VTEC na civic.
yung Colt ko naman (my old, retired car) mabilis sa 1st and 2nd gear... sobra. Ang bilis pumalo ng RPM... pag dating ng 4th gear... la na... hehehe...
sana yung City ko ganun din ka bilis... haaayyyyy...

Colt mo ay in the first place ay mas magaan sa civic , plus , based sa claims mo na modified ito ng 1st owner . kung stock civic lang yun .... talagang iiwanan mo yun .

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