89 chevy short bed;Throttle body sensor;TH400 no downshift;1989 chevy 3500
89 chevy short bed

I am buying a 89 Chevy shortbed with the 305 tbi and 5-speed manual tranny. Does anybody have any info about the truck reliability, quirks, etc. I test drove the truck last week and the engine appears to be alot stronger than my current 250cid. I did notice that the speedometer ( which is a rising bar instead of the pointer) appears to hang up. But the truck cost 1k and my hope is to have a street toy. Thanks for any input.
"street toy" If it is 4wd the ball joint's were notoriously weak, and the 5 spd won't take much abuse (2 or 4wd). Speedos in the '89's suck (but not as much as the '88's).
Throttle body sensor

Theirs a some sort of sensor on the passenger side of my throttle body.
It's a 5.7 liter 350 on a 93 K2500.
If the engine is cold, it'll fire right up, and runs well, idles correctly, and all that, but once it warms up and turn the engine off it won't start back, unless I unplug the sensor.
Is the sensor bad, or is it something in the computer?
Is this sensor mounted directly on teh side of the throttle body, with the plug facing upwards, or is the sensor facing more back, with the connector straight out?
The first is the throttle position sensor, the second being the Idle Air Control valve. Both are under $30 to replace.
It's the TPS.
I replaced it.
I bought a book for it while I was at the parts place, so now I know what all of those gizmoes are, I even know how to do a diagnostic check on it now.
My next project is to eliminate all the gizmoes and put a carberator on it.
TH400 no downshift

Hey, on my 81 G30 ( I know this is a truck forum, but I feel mechanically itīs quite the same) i have a downshift problemwith the TH400
Ever since I got the van 4 years ago it never downshifted while i was driving; i can downshift manually with the gear selector lever and it will upshift perfectly in īDī, but thereīs just no kickdown.
I checked the downshift switch but it seems to work.
Any idea what could be wrong with it? :confused:
So when you checked the switch,It has continuity when the gas pedal is to the floor,and goes open when returned ?
Have you got power to it,or through it to the trans ?
It's a pretty simple circuit,and you seem to be on the right track.Trace your power\wiring all the way to the trans,and if it's OK,then it's internal.
thatīs what im afraid it could be, something internal, but what specifically could it be? how does the tranny downshift?
1989 chevy 3500

im having trouble disassembling the axle on my 1989 chevy 3500
i cant remove the driver side axle from differential. can anyone tell me what the problem might be?
thanks in advance for any info

i cant help you, but maybe you can help me..
as long as your under there, could you measure the length of the rear axle for me??
i have a dually (86) and i want to know if my axle is longer than yours..:salute:

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