2500 HD Lost All Gauges;Service Engine Light Popped On;Transmission Temp.;Plug In When Cold
2500 HD Lost All Gauges

2003 Chevy Silverado 2500 HD. None of my gauges on instrument panel were working today including speedometer. Checked into skematics in owners manual for fuses. Only came across two with mention of instrument panel and they operated other devices along with panel which were working. So I kind of ruled out fuses. So I called dealer and he said bring it right down. Went outside and started up truck and gauges were now working. Had driven and shut off and restarted truck many times in A.M. still with no gauges. Now I've got them back. Any ideas? :confused:
Funny you should mention that at this time. Yesterday had same problem with heater blower. Dead. Turned truck off and restarted and it worked and is still working. Have not checked yet but my suspicion is an auto reset fuse or relay. It probably has some and yours too.
I would just call em everytime it happens and then cancell the appointment. That way they have it in the computer and if there is a problem down the road its doccumented.
We just went nuts with a 02 Suburban at work. Had an intermittant problem like that. Seems a module under the seat was corroded from a rain leak. I'll get you more info tommorrow!
The module that was bad on that 02 Suburban was the Sensing Diagnostic Module (SDM) under the driver's seat.
The dealer used a Serial Data Link tester (Kent Moore tool P/N J42236A) on Spice Pak 205 (behind headlamp switch in dash). This tool tests all the circuits and modules in the vehicle and quickly pinpointed the problem with 100% accuracy.
This 2002 Suburban had a rain leak from an improperly drilled hole in the cowl that was not sealed. The SDM was shoted from getting wet. The driver complained of erratic dash gauge operation upon initial cold startup and occasional erratic operation on bumpy roads. Perhaps some snow on your boots got water into this module? I hope this helps! Good luck!:)
Service Engine Light Popped On

Plowing today in the extreme cold saw the service engine soon light came on and stayed on trough out my plowing. Absolutely nothing wrong with the 96 tahoe. Everything is running normal as ever. Could it be the cold tripped some wire or something like that. Want to avoid going to the dealer to have them put one of those whats wrong with it gizmo's, you guys always have the answers to my simple questions thanks
100 plus things could turn on the check engine lite. You need to at least know the trouble code to get any direction for the cause of the lite. After you know the code you can narrow down the cause. Remember the code will be the RESULT of the problem & NOT necessarily the CAUSE of the problem.
If you have an Autozone in your area, they will check the code for free. Call first, I've heard that they have tried to charge some people.
Has the O-2 sensor ever been replaced? Definetly need to put a scanner on that. It will save alot of time and money.
9 times out of 10 it's some type of sensor that causes the light to come on. Better get it checked though, just to be safe.:nod:
Another simple solution maybe, If you put gas in while the motor is running sometimes that will kick the dreaded "service engine soon" light on. Also make sure the gas cap is on tight. good luck!
Light went off 2 days ago. I think it was the cold since everything was in running order. Will watch it but mechanic friend of mine said most likely the cold weather. Thanks
Transmission Temp.

I was wondering what a normal temp. is for a transmission on newer model Chevys. I have an 04 2500Hd with 6.0 motor and Driving around the city the Transmission temp gets up to about 175. Is this normal or high?
200 is getting fairly hot. 225 is starting to wear the ATF pretty quickly 250 is really hot. trany fluid life is based off a curve based off temp. it may live 100k at 175 but buy 200deg its down to 50k and then down to 25k at 225. synthetic also stands up to heat better than dino.
Somewere there was a table that showed the exact trany temp/milage but I cant remember were i saw it. :(
Good idea to drain the pan after the plow season and refill with fresh. This will replace about 50% of your fluid. If you get it real hot then a full flush would be a good idea IMO. I like the yanking of the cooler lines method instead of paying someone to "flush it" on a machine for me.
oh......my allison stays about that range......if I'm romping on it or plowing hard I will run around 200. I've got a chipped Duramax BTW
I just got an 04 2500HD a week or so ago. Trans runs about 100 without plow and about 130 with plow on. My 01 2500HD with the 8.1 and Allison was running about 200 without plow and 230 while plowing. It's in the shop now having a repair. See the thread "Allison overheating, not engine."
My 02 HD 6 liter runs around 100-120 with no plow and 130-140 with the plow. Is this normal? Sounds on the cool side to me. On the cold days it barely gets over 100, is the tranny even fully warming up?
Thanks for the input everyone. My last truck did not have a tranny gauge so this is new to me.
Tim.... What size motor do you have in your 04?
My 04 has the 6 liter. My 01 has the 8.1 liter.
Plug In When Cold

Anyone out there with chevy v8 plug use the plug in feature when it get very cold like now. Please refresh my memory as to what it does and how long you should keep it plugged in, are there any potential hazards that can occur from plugging in. I feel really stupid asking this but the other day I noticed a plug hanging down out of the drivers side front tire. Then I remembered back in 96 I ordered it. Thanks as always
plugging in just decreases the warm up time and reduces wear associated with a motor running while cold. its not needed but it definatly dosnt hurt. Plus its nice to fire up your truck and have heat pretty much instantly. In reeeeeaaaaaaly cold weather it may make a difference between starting and not but we are talking cold. It usualy takes 3 hours to warm up so if you set it on a timer to turn on 3 hours before you need to boggie it will be warm yet not suck unneeded juice. Thats the only downside. It sucks juice. Fire depts keep em plugged in all the time.
juice from my house or battery, will be below 0 this evening with snow also comming.
juice from your house. I think they say it takes 1000w for the duramax heater but thats off memory. I know I have popped the breaker at my appt twice but that plug is on a circiut of the person on the bottom level and I dont know they were using? Maybe she was making some toast while blowdrying her hair and kicked on the space heater to knock off the chill in the air :confused:
oh......and most heaters heat the water in the block. Yours will be of that type. There are also oil heaters......
Mine will make my water temp a shade over 100deg regardless of what its like outside(got a digital guage hooked up)
remember though that even if your water temp is fine you shouldnt beat on your truck right waway since everything else from the oil to the trany to the rear end will still be cold.
I've got a diesel and I plug mine in anytime it gets below 20 degrees. Just to be safe.:nod:
With a gas motor you dont need to plug them in, but its a whole lot easier on them, especially if its below zero. Years back, before I had a garage, I forgot to plug my truck in one cold night and it hit -40. The truck reluctantly started but it sounded like a diesel and had no oil pressure for 20-30 seconds. It didnt do any damage, but I learned a valuable lesson.
Now I have a heated shed that I park everything in. So I get to jump into a nice 60 degree truck every morning. :D
Has anyone had problems plugging their truck into a GFI circuit. Was told it can blow the GFI. :D
What everybody forgets about block heaters is that there is less stress on your batteries when starting.
There isnt any problem with GFI's. All exterior outlets, including the ones inside the garage, have to be a GFI. This is required by building code and has been that way for years.(In minnesota anyway). If your heater is tripping a GFI, theres probably something wrong with the heater.
Not 100% correct on a bad heater scenario. A GFCI can be real sensitive in damp weather even if there is not a problem with the heater or extension cord or even a shock hazard. It could be simply a defective GFCI.
I just started pluggin in this week. I like how it is instatntly warm in the truck.
Looked for the heater plug today on my 02 HD 8.1.Manual says it's in the driver front near power steering resevoir.It was getting dark when I looked but if it is where I think it is it looks like a PITA to get out.Manual also says to fold the cord back up with the strap.That seems to be a bigger pain.It does not seem to be user friendly,but maybe I am not looking at the thing.What are you're experiences with the ease of using it
Mine is on the passenger side
I just let mine hang in the wheel well and plug in at night when its cold.
www.dieselplace.com has some good info on your truck.
Good luck
Its well worth finding it.
It does cost extra bucks per night/ 1000 watts
Thanks for the tips,ghostrunner.Will check out in the daylite.If I remembered I had it ,I could have put it to good use this week.Nites 20-25 below,days-5--10 all week.Will check out the dieselpage.

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